School Life

Often our pupils come from difficult backgrounds and we aim to help them not only benefit from learning but to build up skills and social confidence for the many years of adult life which follow.

We have strong links to the appropriate services in the local community and involve Careers Advisors, the Health Service, the Police, Local Colleges and the Youth Services to widen the curriculum and provide motivation.

Cavendish School ensures that young people have access to a high-quality of educational provision, which can meet their needs and help them achieve their potential. We want students to enjoy school and feel motivated and stimulated by their learning. National tests provide us with benchmarks that we can use to help us set and maintain targets. We put in place aspects of flexible individual programs of study to facilitate the progress of each child along their chosen pathway. We value highly the leisure and recreational provision that we have within the school and the various outside agencies and support that we use. We want our students to enjoy their time at Cavendish School, and are conscious of the fact that for some these years will be their most informative and influential. 


We value collaboration. Each individual has a unique contribution to make to the life of the school. Working together as a team helps individuals to develop and take risks with their learning.


We believe that the delivery of our vision and the development of good teamwork are dependent on the quality of leadership at all levels in the school.


We encourage everyone connected to the school to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are part of the healthy school initiative, and our environment, curriculum, and culture reflect this commitment.


We believe that excellence in education is achieved through a blend of high quality facilities and outstanding teaching professionals mixed with clear leadership, a positive affirming environment and a commitment to develop talent. This means that we expect a high standard of work, behavior and commitment to the school from everyone involved.


It is a fact that all people work hardest and learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. We will always celebrate achievement and learning.