Admission Process

Places at Cavendish are available only by arrangement with a Local Authority. All students who apply for places usually have an Educational Healthcare Plan completed or in the process of being finalised.

Students are admitted to Cavendish if the school, education authority, parents/carers and, on occasion, social services, agree that the school can meet the Special Education Needs of the young person. We also admit young people who are in full-time residential care using the same criteria. Cavendish is registered with the Department for Education (DfE) as a school catering wholly or mainly for SEND students.
A school such as ours can be suitable to meet quite a range of additional needs, but it is usually inappropriate for students with physical disabilities (unless they are minor) or for those with severe learning difficulties or severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The set of videos below will help you understand and guide you through our admission process.

Risk Assessment

Starting at Cavendish

Placement Offer

Group and Tutors