About us

We believe it is our responsibility to help every student to realise their potential. We place equal value on personal development, preparation for life after school and academic progress and are committed to providing individual programs of study for all our students.

We aspire to create a learning environment where all “want” to learn rather than “have” to learn by developing education tailored to the individual needs of each pupil and student. We want each child to realise their potential and are therefore committed to their holistic development.


A wide range of academic and other subjects, arts, sports and activities. Our pupils also chose to come to Cavendish School. 


Our pupils achieve national public examinations, sport skills and art prizes.


Our pupils learn to share values of honesty, respect and responsibility for themselves, each other and as members of society.


We offer a supportive situation for our pupils to feel safe and enable them to learn and feel good. 

New start 

We offer a new start to many pupils who would otherwise be outside the education system.


Pupils learn self esteem and are able to progress and learn.


We recognise each individual and work with their particular situation and requirements to help them towards their potential.


Many of our pupils have achieved success in academic subject, arts, sports and socially, and have gone on to rewarding adult lives in society. 


Our pupils realise that honesty is a foundation stone of social life and relationships