Cavendish School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and all staff and volunteers must share this commitment.

We are also fully committed to ensuring that effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support children, families and staff at school.

Any concern of a child protection nature is passed to the members of staff who are trained to be the Designated People for Child Protection. The Designated Safeguarding Lead at Cavendish is Sara Craggs.  She is supported by a team of senior leaders and other members of the school staff.

If you have any serious concerns about your child or any other pupil at Cavendish, please do not hesitate to contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead; she is available to listen and talk through your concerns, as well as know who to contact for advice and help and she is experienced in using the appropriate degree of confidentiality.

For the best interests of all our children, as well as ensuring that we comply with our legal duties, all teachers, support staff and volunteers are asked to report any causes for concern to the Designated Safeguarding Lead or one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads. Concerns are usually shared with parents/carers as early as possible. On many occasions, there are very reasonable explanations for the concern. Concerns may include issues such as children being visibly upset, persistent lateness and children ‘disclosing’ concerns.

On very rare occasions, our concern about a child may mean that we have to consult other agencies even before we contact you. The procedures we follow have been laid down by the Southwark Safeguarding Childrens Board. The school has adopted a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, in line with the recommendations of the Southwark Safeguarding Children Board, for the safety of all.  If you want to know more about our procedures or the policy, please speak to the Debbie Sycamore or Sara Craggs.

Protecting Children in Education Settings

Protecting Children in Education Settings

For further information about safeguarding children in education settings please go to the following website and click on the pdf for Protecting Children in Education Settings

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